Belleville, ON, Canada / Quinte News

Belleville Council will make its final decision Monday on a plan to rezone the southern part of the former Ben Bleecker property to allow for a grocery store and other retail space.

The city’s Planning Advisory Committee gave the OK to the proposal last Tuesday, which would allow for the retail developments, as long as certain conditions are met by the developer.

Residents had voiced concerns about potential traffic problems stemming from the grocery store and a proposed residential development on the northern part of the property, but staff have made assurances that all of those potential traffic issues have been taken into account as that whole area gets a significant overhaul.

A detailed report on that housing project, which would include 36 two-storey townhouses as well as one eight-storey and one 12-story apartment building, will be presented in September or October.

UPDATE: Among the items that were approved on Monday, was the  rezoning for the southern portion of the former Ben Bleecker property.