What is the Business Directory?2020-12-30T13:51:16-05:00

Our Business Directory offers everything from a free basic listing showing your business name, address and phone number, to an enhanced listing featuring a map showing your location, additional contact information like your email address, social media links, photos, videos, coupons, ad placement and more.

You can add your own basic listing which will always be free. Right now you can also get an enhanced listing FREE for ninety days after completing the sign up procedure. After ninety days you will be charged the current subscription rate for the balance of your first year.

Who are you?2020-12-30T13:49:44-05:00

We have been designing websites for a wide variety of musicians, sports groups and small business for several decades. About ten years ago we saw the trend for sites built with WordPress, so we started using this for all our sites. The advantage of using WordPress is that there are literally thousands of what are called plugins that add additional features to any website.

We have also designed numerous sites in various countries, like Panama, with a number of local sites all based on the Hello branding (HelloBoquete), Ecuador, with the Welcome to branding (WelcomeToCotacachi), Mexico, with the Today branding (AjijicToday.com.mx and many more). Several of these sites were city portals, meaning they provided a wealth of information for both tourists and residents. This is what’s behind this new city portal site for Belleville. We are building the most comprehensive Business Directory available, plus there will be numerous additional features like Classifieds, Forums and much more.